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In Her Shoes, Women Who Walked West 1841-1865 closed on May 18, 2014. The gallery will be closed while in transistion for installation of the upcoming art show and fundraiser, Celebrate Solano untill the preview opening on June 20, 2014. To purchase tickets to the opening, call the museum office 707 447-4513 or go to brown paper tickets to order online.

In Her Shoes Gallery

In Her Shoes, Women Who Walked West 1841-1865

The exhibit highlights four women with ties to Solano County who made the journey west on the overland trails. These women include Nancy Kelsey, the first white woman to cross the Sierra Nevada mountains in 1841 with the Bidwell party, Luzena Stanley Wilson who was one of the original gold rush 49er pioneers, Julia Baldwin Allison who settled with her husband Josiah and their family in Vacaville in 1853, and Sallie Fox Allen who was wounded in an Indian attack along the Beale (southern) wagon route in 1858. Few artifacts attributed to these women remain, but their experience is told in part through maps, journal entries and letters.

Sallie Fox Apron

One of the most significant artifacts on display is the original hand-sewn apron worn by 12 year old Sallie Fox on her harrowing journey to California in 1858-59. This fragile artifact is in the Vacaville Museum permanent collection and is rarely displayed in order to protect it from damage. Visitors to the gallery exhibition will be encouraged to imagine the emigrant travel conditions and settlement experience in early Solano County from the point of view of the women who packed their wagons and headed west 1841-1865.

Review of the exhibit by The Reporter is here.


We Know Jack!

We Know Jack!
Large, long-eared fiberglass jack rabbits - decorated, embellished and adorned by area artists - will invade and transform our community in the spring and summer of 2015.
One of our native creatures, jack rabbits as an artform will playfully heighten our colorful community and brighten our lives while raising funds to support Vacaville Museum. For further information, contact the project committee at and like the We Know Jack! community page on facebook.